About this blog

Nonnie and Maury

As a wedding present, my grandmother gave my mother a hand-typed cookbook filled with recipes delicious (chicken soup with matzo balls), disgusting (“Saubraten and Ginger Snap Gravy”), and everything in between. This is my attempt to cook every recipe in that book.

My rules:

  1. I’ll (eventually) cook everything in the book at least once.
  2. I’ll do my best to follow each recipe exactly, without deviating from Nonnie’s instructions.
  3. I’ll use all ingredients as listed, without substitutions — unless they’re impossible to find in the 21st century, or I get lazy (but I’ll really try not to get lazy).
  4. Oh, also: I hate oranges, so they’re an exception to Rule #3. Sorry, Nonnie.

For more about the blog, go here. For more about me, go here.

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